The Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Cleaning Agents

    At Esteam we always use a variety of green , non toxic products to address the different types of soiling found in carpet. Such as organic compound enzymes (for food or protein based stains), citrus (for oil based) and oxygen (for organic matter). We will also us specialized stain removers and spotters on any difficult spots or stains. We always finish with a fiber rinse in the extraction process to fully remove any products , leaving your carpet clean and residue free.

  • Heat

    High heat extraction is what separates a good cleaning from a great one . Heat accelerates cleaning products , emulsifies embedded soil , sanitizes , and increases over all dry times dramatically . Lack of heat and suction in smaller truckmount’s,  portable extractors , and home cleaning units often cause unexpected issues after the cleaning. Such as : re-appearing spots ; odor or mildew smell ; stiff carpet ; rapid re-soiling and browning.  At Esteam our truckmounts clean over 230 degrees , creating real steam that cuts right threw soiling , bacteria and allergens , without pushing unwanted moisture threw the backing of carpet. The result is clean  , fresh carpet , that is ready to use again in just a few hours.

  • Agitation

    Just like in any cleaning procedure , agitation is the key ! Whether its the dishes , your car or washing the dog , a little elbow grease goes a long way. Its no different with carpet . After applying pre-treatment, its extremely important to brush and work the solution into fibers . This breaks up and suspends soiling , making the extracting process much more effective. Which ultimately results in cleaner carpets. Here at Esteam , we always use a variety of tools to agitate traffic lanes and soiled areas. From CRB brush machines to hand held carpet brushes and rakes , we do whatever it takes to get your carpets looking their absolute best !

  • Time

    Taking the time to do the job right  is of the utmost importance . Our technicians will always take the time to listen to your needs and spend the extra time needed on those areas of concern.  We will always treat you and your house with the respect it deserves. We do this by using corner guards to protect walls and baseboard. Safety mats and drop clothes to protect hard wood flooring and other surfaces not being cleaned. From the pre-inspection to the final walk threw , you can trust Esteam carpet care will always take the time needed to go above and beyond the industry standards.