Tile & Grout Cleaning

Professional tile & grout cleaning is vital to maintaining the beauty and life of your tile floors , countertops or walls . Soil build up , foot traffic , staining and moisture can erode grout lines and cause permanent discoloration to grout and or natural stone . To get the most life out of your investment , professional tile cleaning and sealing is recommended every 2-6 years.

The Process

The main difference between professional tile and grout cleaning and all other home methods is simple , it gets results. With the high pressure method , the tools and equipment used completely flushes out the tile and grout at over 200 degrees and a 1000 PSI , achieving unparalleled results . With no residue left , the tile and or grout is now ready to receive a quality sealer that will help maintain the appearance and longevity of the grout lines . Other methods of cleaning can leave residue which attracts soil and can compromise any sealer that has been applied.

Types of materials that can be cleaned

Esteam Carpet Care can clean and seal all types of tile and natural stone, including ceramic,  porcelain, travertine , spanish tile , marble , slate , lime stone and more!