No one in Sonoma County spills red wine…do they?

Red wine spills are one of the most common problems we run into while out conquering the world of carpet cleaning. Here are a few quick tips for just such an occasion.

First: Blot the spill with a wet terry cloth towel. The idea is to remove as much of the residue as possible. If you have a carpet spotter go over the stain with water only. Or if you have a shop vacuum go wet the stain and suck up the excess moisture. Whatever methods you have available just remember to dry the spot with a towel.

(This is a light cleaning method. If you use a product with an oxi in it always rinse well as some of these products can cause permanent damage to carpets.)

Second: Once the spot is dry take a clean spray tip and put it on a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, mist the stain with the hydrogen peroxide and let dwell for 8 hours. Sunlight increases the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide; if possible expose the spot to sunlight.

Third: If stain lightens treat again.

Fourth: If stain does not react call your carpet cleaning professional to assess the stain.